Sunday, August 13, 2017

We’re NOT Looking For Independence

As time moves on and our dollars shrink; it’s as though the entire world, especially those in “The Greatest Country On Earth”(sounds like a Barnum & Bailey slogan)are reaching new economic lows like never before.
The winds of financial change are happening as we speak and for the most part there are those who have been driven by fear to give in to this most critical time.  So, let’s begin…
Do you remember that horrible year when our 44th President came in to office and the country was in dire straits?
Do you remember that there were companies(those that we thought were solid)that went out of business(BEAR STEARNS)and those that were quoted as, “TOO BIG TO FAIL”.
Ok, well how about the all too familiar Real Estate Crash/The Sub-prime Loan Market that went belly up as well as the lay-off’s, homelessness and people just unable to see themselves coming through. 
Well, we did and as we approach year 10 and counting it seems that we have even more financial repair to continue doing.  You see, when the greater part of the population, the working “poor” and shrinking middle class were nearly wiped out it left America hanging in the balance.  Many of those who once kept the country moving either by being in business for themselves or those who were contributing their highest tax bracket money in to a system that no longer circulated in the economy like it once did….when the light of day seemed nearly out and that it was pure economic darkness in came industries that are now making it possible for those used to having a decent lifestyle, to now grow even faster….TOGETHER!
Now, I am not going to name any companies here, but I am going to explain the new economic paradigm shift that is opening doors for the nearly extinct Middle Class.  There were those like myself who were in massive debt: facing the daunting task of going to work & not knowing if I’d still have a job when I came back the next day, still at home with mom, car payment, student loan payment and the list goes on. It was during this time that we had to dig our heels in a little more and push harder through this time and guess what? WE MADE IT!  We made it to see that this shift was taking place.  One where the working person now could see from the same vantage point as the wealthy.  The places that seemed non-existent were now opening and revealing themselves to us because just getting by was not what it used to be. People began to shift because the economy had shifted nearly overnight and the wonderful thing that was happening was that anyone who had time could grab ahold of the opportunity.
Now, many of these concepts and strategies were not new.  It was that they were new to us who were functioning in jobs that were downsizing.  The near death of the employment system was birthing new entrepreneurs in the process.
The concept was nothing new, but it meant something to those of us who had gotten used to not having a network; who were living pay check to pay check and certainly it was new to those of us who had never been in business, but who needed a way out.  A way out of this terrible time.  We were all at a crossroad. FINANCIALLY.
The new rule was about creating a network of people who do business together consistently, if not, exclusively.  We began to see the power of networking. The power of creating spaces for ourselves that would continuously help us in good and not so good times, but more importantly it made us look at each other differently.  Not just neighbors, friends and relatives, but true business men and women who were destined to make a lot of money together and who would also know that LONGEVITY is the goal.
Well, here we are, almost 10 years understanding and functioning within this new paradigm and it is daunting yet still doable.  The battle is to try and separate ourselves from the fear of owning a business to actually moving in a direction TOGETHER achieving that goal for the good of the network and our personal growth.  Financially we are making strides like never before and the manifestation of it all are the discussions going on daily about the economic rebirth and strength that communities of color are rallying  each other to move forward on.  While there is yet still more work to be done….WE ARE MAKING IT POSSIBLE TO SEE THE LIGHT & LIFE taking place as we speak.

Until next time……Let’s make it happen!