Thursday, April 27, 2017

Education Never Stops

When the opportunity arose for me to open a business I thought of every dollar that I'd SPEND! I thought of all the many lives I'd touch and the cities, countries and great states I'd touch ground in and just CHANGE THE WORLD! Little did I know there is this one thing called, PREPARATION.

See, for many of us, going to school, getting a job, saving a few dollars, eventually come up with a great idea for a business and then getting a loan to open that business is a noble path.  However, how many of us actually get on that path and continue the process?  We're so unprepared in this system of education that it takes a hefty heart, a willing mind and some really keen focusing along with a tight network to really get us going.  Now, I propose that we take the best road forward despite all the obstacles.

A NEW EDUCATION is needed because there are so many pitfalls that often happen not only outside of ourselves, but also from within.  With all the systems, networks, businesses and platforms are numerous, but just how to use them often is where people get stuck and eventually quit.  But, what if we understood how this all works.  Yes, the money would be great to have, but without the map on how to access the wealth we are no closer to it than the dream of having it.

I propose that there is a different kind of EDUCATION that's needed.  One that takes the blind person who wants to start a business to a definitive road map that brings the success closer and closer to themselves that gives the light they desperately need.  There's no such thing as MAKING AMERICA GREAT without helping those who are the true backbone and foundation of this nation becoming secure. FINANCIALLY SECURE.  Make no mistake, we are living in the most dangerous and greatest times in the history of America and the world.  We have the awesome responsibility to either lead or follow, but most of all we have the door that is open for opportunity.  Therefore, what we do today WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE FOR YEARS TO COME!

We're making the change through education....THE RIGHT KIND OF EDUCATION vs falling to the naysayers who accept that things will change eventually without our input.  LET'S BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE!