Saturday, January 9, 2016

Why You Owe It To Yourself To Retire The Debt You Thought You'd Never Get Over

Recently I was asked by a dear friend to help them come up with a strategy to get out of debt and to start saving to buy a new house.  My first answer was, "well, sure!" Then my heart sank to my feet because I was then thinking exactly what resources could I share with her that'd make her know that her troubles would some day be over, but that she'd have to work just as hard on following her plan as she did making the mistakes that led to her debt.

I really wanted to help her first clear her mind of the "I CAN'T DO IT" syndrome or the "OH NO, I HAVE TO SACRIFICE THAT?" question in order to achieve her result of getting out of the seemingly crazy debt.  Well, it wasn't too far for me to reach out and begin processing exactly what I wanted to reveal to her and that's when it hit me.

When people who are in what they believe MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DEBT come forward to get help it's not just the help getting out that many need, but also how to boost their income so that they can work faster through the process of becoming debt free.  It takes a lot of courage to come up with a plan to become debt free and in order to make strides in accomplishing that financial success we also have to implement some financial strategies to into being.

There are countless debt solutions companies that are helping people obtain the freedom from debt that they need, but how many of them also will let you gain a referral fee for bringing others like you to them?  That's exactly what I'd like to encourage each of us to do as we're increasing our streams of personal revenue.

About three years ago I was approached by a mentor to join his company.  At the time, he was in search of Real Estate networking teams to help bring people out of foreclosure and into saving their home.  That, I can say, started me on a journey of honestly looking at who I do business with because I want to know that they want to do business with me too.

If you can locate programs, services, projects, etc that you do business with that will also buy from you, then you've definitely got a win-win situation.  The days of exchanging goods and services that others need in order to circulate money in the economy while building a customer base is becoming the norm. As more and more people search for ways to increase their income, they'll come looking for people like me because I'll have a network to tap into where they won't have to spend tons of money to be a part of while they can in turn profit in big ways.

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