Monday, December 28, 2015


Just thinking about being in debt for many people sends them into some type of sickness.  However, there are people everywhere making it their business to change how they deal with it to get over it and start moving on with LIFE!

STORY: It was 2006 and I needed a new car.  No credit cards, no extra cash, no one to borrow from and certainly in need of a car to do business as well as to get to work.  What was I going to do? A good friend took me to an Auto Mall and therein begins my first understanding of just how past debts unresolved can affect you over the length of your life in "credit world".  You see, many of us are in debt long before we know what debt really means and we work ourselves into a frenzy to get out of it, but many of us are saddled with it year after year.

Okay, so here I am….I've looked at the car that I want, but now is the moment of truth, "how much car can I afford?" or better yet, "how much interest am I going to have to pay for having such terrible credit?"  The second question is the one that is the all too important one.  With $500 in hand and a great  need, so went my next journey into a SIX YEAR relationship with CHASE BANK.  An otherwise affordable purchase ended up being one of the most expensive purchases to date.  The finance charges took me $10,000 deeper into debt and although I was able to pay that car loan off, it took a toll on my pockets.  So, I want to get at the heart of the matter for countless people who may be saying that they just don't have an answer to the debt they are in.

Here's what I was in search of:  After going through years of debt producing activities and having to live life too I was looking for answers or at least one specific answer.  It wasn't until I began to be honest with myself that this could be solved without me feeling that I was less than the people calling me for their money that I got serious.  I kept working at finding an answer.  I kept talking it up and praying about it, but more importantly I did not stop SEARCHING.

Well, in 2015 I received an answer that changed my life and one that I could share with others.  I began to learn about how networking with others to solve their debt could also open up an extra source of income too.  How could this be?  How could I help myself and others overcome something that completely marks my life in a negative way while at the same time keep my head up through the storm. As fate would have it a blessing opened up and now it has become a way to help YOU, the hardworking, average, everyday person who cannot seem to make ends meet or who is trying to get out of the debts that keep weighing you down.  This is our TIME to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN FOR OURSELVES! Here is a serious plan with serious people who are making strides to REMOVE DEBT as a way of life so that you can go on accomplishing the dreams and desires you have.

Lastly, WE'RE HERE TO HELP! Don't suffer in silence when you can get an answer.  1) We look at you as an individual! 2) We are in this TOGETHER 3) We offer a FREE application process 4) We take care of the most essential part of getting you help which is a FREE assessment before you make a decision.  So, what are you waiting for? Other than to call our information line to at least hear how we look to help you: 641-715-3900 ext 835609 and just check it out for yourself…..Then let us know if we can be of assistance: 201-503-5339

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