Thursday, December 17, 2015

2015! The Year of The New Business Explosion!

2015 is definitely a year worth remembering especially for those of us in the business world.  Independently speaking, new businesses popped up for Middle to Low Income families with the increase of Social Media and more Work From Home Programs.   Now, more than ever we're finding ways to make money aside from a traditional 9 to 5 setting and becoming increasingly more competent, confident as well as prosperous because we're understanding with independence comes FREEDOM!

More "middle income earners" are staking their claim to the millions made in being in their own businesses and as such we decided it was time to help re-direct our thinking as independent business owners to begin carving out how we're going to stay afloat; survive against the odds and more importantly GROW our businesses.

First off, gone are the days of having to spend thousands or millions of dollars to go into business and then struggling alone to make ends meet until you reach some sort of profit.  The prevailing thought these days are to spend less getting into business coupled with a lot of support, but more importantly network with others to share the responsibilities associated with growth so that we can be successful.  There are businesses with start-up capital as little as $25 and who provide training online to give you maximum help so not only the individual can succeed, but also the network that they create!  This has sot truly be the most revolutionary time to be in business.

We'd love to feature your new business on our blog! So, if your business start-up was started for $100 or less we're here to let others know about you!

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