Wednesday, October 14, 2015

MONEY LAWS To Live By...

I've heard people make alot of fuss about Money.  How we should "spend it", how we should "save it", how to ensure that we have enough of it, but yet and still there are a vast number of people whom this information escapes all together yet they somehow manage to make their lives work regardless as to the quotes listed above.

Roughly four years ago I began my MONEY JOURNEY with a little company that I will not say at this time, but they began to host daily live calls about MONEY and it is then that I realized I didn't know enough about HOW TO LIVE BY A LAW OF HOW MONEY WORKS.

Sure, I've been in the company of millionaires and have seen them at work doing what they do best which is MAKE MONEY and tons of it and I've even been taught by some.  However, I never knew their JOURNEY. What makes them attuned to the IDEA of SUCCESS on that JOURNEY.  Well, today I'm going to talk about the LAWS of MONEY to LIVE by.

With all of the poverty as well as extravagances in the world there are those of us somewhere in the middle.  Scuffling trying to make ends meet and yet knowing that there has to be a better way to live, breathe, think and act.  It's at that moment when we honestly know that we have to TAKE ACTION on the thoughts of poverty and regain our composure to think DAILY on ABUNDANCE!

You know, it's hard to think about ABUNDANCE when all around you are bills, problems, issues and people who are in the same position, but we owe it to ourselves to get serious about ABUNDANCE because it unlocks our minds to accepting the LAWS OF MONEY.  See, when you BELIEVE IN ABUNDANCE you take away the fears, disbeliefs and doubts about HOW TO LIVE A PROSPEROUS LIFE/LIFESTYLE.  When you BELIEVE IN ABUNDANCE you ATTRACT more of it and it becomes a part of you.  You are not held down in life shackled to POVERTY and WANT because your MIND gets RELEASED which will then FREE up the greatest part of your daily activity----THINKING.

So, in order to release yourself this is an ACTION STEP: Take 10-20 minutes DAILY to relax and breathe into your consciousness everything about ABUNDANCE that you can.  It may be difficult at first as with anything, but 30 days is a good start.  It could be any time of the day, but make sure it's a time of day that you can consistently follow over the course of the 30 days and you will begin to notice the INTERNAL CHANGE that will take place.  You will begin to FEEL THE FREEDOM coming into your consciousness and that's when those LAWS will begin to OPEN UP TO YOU.


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