Tuesday, May 26, 2015


There are countless stories of people who have made something happen in their lives when seemingly they had NOTHING!

They went from 0-100 in what seemed like less than 50 years of their lives, but I want to focus on another group of hardworking people who are talked about everyday but who are more often than not spoken of negatively.  That group, Ladies & Gentlemen are those of us who think #LACK #POVERTY #WANT etc...The last to get HIRED, the 1st to get FIRED and the ones left behind when the MONEY GAME goes into full effect!

This group, by far has the MOST POTENTIAL but the least ACCOLADES when it comes to rising above the poverty line and into the pool of PROMISE! 

"Why am I having this conversation", you might ask? For the simple fact that too many of us adults have lost our way in this cycle that pits workers against one another; turns professionals into vicious go-getters at the expense of good workers; and most of all those whose whole lives are at bay because they don't know where their next meal will come from if they don't work for someone else.

A few nights ago, I was on a call where my mentor began to speak DIRECTLY TO ME in front of countless others! He went on about how I had to get my mind back into what we're building because there are people yearning to follow an example such as what he shows us 3 nights a week! How I was holding them up from GETTING IN THE MONEY GAME because I'm not saying what needs to be said to them to get them going on their own path towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Here I was thinking, "DAMN!" He got me!  Normally, I would come up with a few excuses, questions or just hold on to angry silence until the call was over and then call him ready to start an argument! But! But! But! I had to concede because what he said was RIGHT!

You see, when you're the only stand that gives away water in a desert, you are sure to be the one whom people will come to in order to quench their thirst.  However, if you have a stand that sells both water & sand in the middle of a desert, but you offer them more sand rather than the water, then you are sure that no one, and I mean no one is looking for you....in fact, they may even try and snuff you out when you're not looking because you are holding something up in front of them that is detrimental to their survival.  You are reminding them that you are not interested in their survival or comfort and that you're only there to SELL SOMETHING THEY DON'T NEED OR WANT!

Now, how about you?  Do you have a business that people legitimately need or want, but you are offering what is standing in the way of their success thinking that they want the very thing that you're thinking they want instead of asking them what they need?  Are you the kind of Marketer that relies on the latest technology or campaign from headquarters to help you open your mouth and talk to people? Or are you the kind of person who truthfully has something that people who need what you have could honestly benefit from if you'd just let them know you have it.

See, we have a lot within our communities especially in the U.S. that is a great benefit to others, but if we don't speak in a language that will draw them to us, then we're doomed before we even get started.  The cycle of poverty doesn't know a color, ethnicity, religion or race and what's even more profound, it doesn't know who not to involve in its cycle.  However, there are many who are caught up in it.  So, for those of us who legitimately have something to offer the masses to pull them from poverty line to the promise land would you....


More to come.....

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