Friday, May 22, 2015


Ok, so the title is a bit of a laugh because I haven't written on this blog for nearly a year and NOW I am taking my own advice to HEART and TAKING MASSIVE ACTION! LOL!

When I began this blog some time ago, it was to connect to people who are out there looking for home based business tools that are either FREE or LOW COST, but I was also looking for genuine business minded people of any industry to interview on our ON-DEMAND radio show.  By far, it has certainly been a whirlwind of thoughts, ideas, people and tools that I've researched (smile I'm still at it) and have really come to understand that there are ALWAYS going to be tools out there.  Whether we want to admit it or not, building businesses are not new.  Building businesses though that last our lifetime and that create legacies is which is what I want us to focus on in this next series....

Oh, by the way, have you seen the internet commercials?? Residually Speaking... This was just one of those times when I needed to get the word out and was just trying a new tool to see how the public would react.  Oohhhhh's and Ahhhhhhhh's  is what I received, but then there were the ones who were really paying attention to it asking, "how can I make that kind of commercial too?" That was the Ah Ha moment for me!  That's when I put my shoulders to the grind and really began searching for many of the tools you'll see listed....

Making that commitment to YOU, the READER was by far the biggest MENTAL TOOL of ALL! Now, I have my Social Media on lock, but to honestly say that I keep the blogs up to date I guess I'd have to hang my head low because that's my not so good area.  Well, I'll say though, this re-newed sense of commitment to YOU means that I'd definitely love to help you BUILD up the CONSISTENT COMMUNICATION between us so that I know where I might be of help!

So, here take my number and of course my social media links and connect! I'm just a button away....

Twitter: @IndieTalkJapan
Facebook: IndieTalkJapan or QumaiMuhammad1
Instagram: Qumai69
Show: (We're ALWAYS LOOKING for guests)

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