Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Power of A New Economy: 10 Beginning Rules For ONLINE SUCCESS!

The Power of A New Economy

The main point about small businesses joining together is to CREATE a new generation of ECONOMIC POWER. The kind of ECONOMIC POWER that creates a reality which changes communities from depressed areas to those that will thrive.   When small businesses can provide the services and products that their communities need, then it helps to boost the image of the community because the people are able to stay within their space and regenerate the dollars needed to help the community grow.

As a child I didn't understand the POWER that my grandmother's business along with others in the community had until I grew up to own a business.  When the community "foot" traffic went from one store to the next, it provided the kind of marketing that is often a lost art.  Marketing that meant when people went from store to story they had a visual perspective of options that were in front of them.  They had options, choices and basically could reach out and touch what was in front of them at a moment's notice.  It's sad how many of our communities have less and less options to choose from and we've been forced as creatures of habit to travel distances to find many of the things that we once were able to get before the Walmart's, KMart's and so many other conglomerated shopping choices that are offered to us these days.

Now, with the advent of the internet and the bridging of the digital divide for small businesses we have the opportunity to offer some of the same products and services that large businesses have.  With the click of a button we are able to offer those in our immediate and extended communities a chance to do business with us while also driving down the costs of traditional brick and mortar business because there is generally low overhead, low advertising, marketing and promotions and chiefly few if any employees.  However, having a home based online business has rules and the quicker we learn them, the quicker we can generate an income that is sustainable for ourselves.

(These are only a few that we've had to deal with and we encourage others to add to it, plus there is no particular order just 10 to start with)
1. You are in a business that is just as lucrative as any other business.
2.  Act like it is a REAL BUSINESS and NOT A HOBBY.
3.  Strategize on just HOW you're going to market your business.
4.  Network with others who are either doing what you do and you all can share customers/clients by choosing what offers each will extend at various times. (Meaning: If you sell bottles and someone in your network sells bottles, then at one time you offer bottles and they offer something else and at a later time you sell what they are not and they sell bottles at that time)
5.  Learn to LEARN from others who are successful in ONLINE MARKETING.  They just might be the driving force for you eventual success.
6.  ADVERTISE! Traditional Methods STILL WORK! As well as some new ideas too.
7.  MARKET! You have to put your message in front of the people (targeted and non-targeted audiences)
8. PROMOTE! Put yourself in as many places as you can in as many ways that you can.
9. WORD OF MOUTH! Some would put this under marketing which is sort of the sub-category, but I separated it so that you UNDERSTAND how important this is.  Whether you're telling people or others telling others....THIS CAN NEVER BE UNDERESTIMATED!
10.  Last, but not least: YOU!  You are the most IMPORTANT person in this equation because you're the inspiration behind the business.  You must be at an optimum level of performance each time you set up a campaign; each time you decide to offer your brand or image to the public; and more importantly each time you wake up....YOU ARE THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND THE IDEA IN YOUR BUSINESS!

Certainly these are not the only rules, but we wanted to start this conversation via the blog and our online radio show! Just hear for yourself what we've been saying:  The Online Entrepreneur's Footnotes To Success


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