Thursday, January 3, 2013


It's amazing to me to see how many people believe that they have the most innovative product and/or service on the market; the best compensation plan; network of people and by far the fastest way to profits on and offline.

It’s even more amazing when none of the above works to its maximum potential because many of those selling the products or services never take the time to let others know that MARKETING is the KEY TO THOSE PROFITS.  It’s not enough to just have a product or service, but it’s everything when you need to get that product or service into the hands and minds of the consumer.

In days gone by when the door to door “product” salesman made his way out into the market place, it was the era of DEMONSTRATION.  When the would-be consumer or customer came to the door, that salesman had the merchandise AS IS in their hand for use in front of the consumer.  The product was there to feel, see and experience in front of the salesman so the consumer could take ownership of the product before they purchased.  The same was true of the “service” salesman.  The salesman would sit and talk with the consumer and see exactly where the consumer was in their potential buying mode.  He would hone in on what the consumer was saying and then if he was good, he would then tell the consumer just where his service could help that consumer based on the conversation.  This was how it was done.  Today, this same approach is no different…

We use social marketing today as though it is so vastly different from what was done yesterday.  Today we have innovative ways to reach a potential consumer and engage them in our sales process at a much faster and cheaper rate, but we also have to tune into the successes of yesterday to see that our approach, although different, however the message is still the same.
Salesmanship teachers have given us the tools by which to reach into the minds of the people whom we want to buy from us.  It is now our responsibility to go out and APPLY as well as DO what we’ve been taught.  One of the greatest teachers who just recently passed away was Zig Ziglar. He would charm the audience by using stories they could relate to and therefore buy into his program before he was even finished speaking and to this day it has been one of the lessons learned from him that I use today.

There are others such as: The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan, Imam W.D. Mohammed, Billy Graham, Napolean Hill, Robert Kiyosaki and many others whose influence can be felt in the lives of everyday successful business people.

So, I wrote all of this to say, that we need not ignore the past, but learn from it, accept it and finally GO OUT AND WRITE THE FUTURE OF SUCCESS IN BUSINESS.

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