Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Instagram Needs Us

When the news emerged that Instagram was going to make some changes in their policy regarding their users privacy thousands of users took to the social media realm and made headlines.

Just as we took our concerns to cyber world so have many others done the same with their internet business and are now making huge profits for doing so.  Every business on the internet began small and through a well marketed system have now become the business behemoths we look to that handles much of our marketing.

Social Media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many others need independent marketers like us to get out there through their medium and add our unique flavor to help push them to new customers and help them grow.  Without us, they become extinct.

Have you ever noticed that when these companies are small you don't know what their motives are and as soon as they get to a point of feeling like they have something that others can't live without they start enforcing rules?  Well, we all have a choice! We can either live through the madness or bankrupt them by deleting ourselves from their list.

However, I want us to look at something interesting...I want us to envision MAKING OUR OWN OPPORTUNITY STAND OUT....If we could just re-direct our energy in social marketing to use as many companies in that sector to help push our businesses instead of allowing them to make us feel that we have no other resource, then we could truly move past our need and get to the heart of MAKING MONEY ONLINE THE WAY THE BIG GUYS DO IT!

The online opportunities are endless to making money, but when you follow a proven system and continuously work to duplicate the most successful marketing points of that system, then you are going to go in the direction of Instagram, Facebook and the others.  Your success awaits....


Don't Guess...Get Guidance

There are so many success stories out there about the independent entrepreneur who made millions by following a formula coupled with unending belief in reaching their goal and we'd like to invite many of you to share in the experience.

As most of you know a little over two years ago we embarked on an EMPOWERMENT TRAIL to help inspire a great network of budding entrepreneurs around the world to share their stories.

Independent Talk Radio Hits The Globe

And while we've been helping to do just that we want to hear from many of you about your SUCCESSES and LEARNING CURVES because it's time that we all got back to FULFILLING our DESTINIES of FINANCIAL COMFORTABILITY and FREEDOM.  It's terrible to think that many men, women and children will never feel free because of mental obstacles that inundate us daily, but if we hold to the truth that we each can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our individual lives WE'LL FIND THAT PEACE OF MIND THAT WE NEED.

For some, peace of mind is not in financial freedom yet they look for ways to find their lot in life by taking chances on what will help them find that peace of mind they so readily look for.  That's why we created a space to do just that and to help as many people as we can develop their minds to go after what their passion and reach their goal.

Now, this blog is for the person in business or thinking of going into business who's struggling; who's had success and for those just looking to share their thoughts and just what they think of business.  We want to encourage as many people as possible to SHARE, HELP and INSPIRE those in this community.

Why don't you join us!

We'll be back with even more to share and we'd love your input!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

They're Out There So Where Are You...

Anything you put your mind to can literally change your life overnight and it can begin immediately.  There are millions of people the world over who are looking for a way to change their lives and make themselves better; who want to change their lifestyles and basically help their families. 

We've been able to test market some of the leading companies out there that are eager to help you build a better life and to share that with others.  ARE YOU READY!?
Wealth At Your Fingertips

He's just one person who's made a difference and we're looking to help even more people get their lives going without being held back by quotas, resumes, bosses, co-workers, performance reviews, etc that we are going to put our shoulders to the grind and get you started to...

Here's another example:
Wealth Now

Need I say more about this revolution in becoming an entrepreneur in the U.S. and Canada?
I can't stress enough just what is going so many others are complaining about not finding a job or so many other money problems that we could count them by the dozen, but we now have an opportunity to BE the change we want to SEE!

The Bottom Line Is To Put Money In Your Pocket!