Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Test of Time

I often wonder why people who are lazy in the workplace feel that they would be GREAT at owning and running a business and while today was no different than any other I now see the fundamental flaw with the American business.  Why are we written in history as the country that has it all and still be in the horrible condition we're in?  It's as if we are deer caught in headlights when the rest of the world is looking in to see what and how we're doing.
I took the awesome challenge of going out and using some sales skills taught to me by a mentor to encourage more business people to be interviewed by us on an upcoming show.  The results of talking to business people about BUSINESS was horrific to say the least.  A few specks of light, but the majority no matter what race, ethnicity, religion or otherwise the results were pretty much the same.
Again, I'm a business person speaking with business people about moving forward in our respective businesses by utilizing one of the most powerful tools....ONLINE RADIO!
Nearly every strip mall or kiosk at a full sized mall were wreaking with laziness.  Some were eating, reading the paper, lounging, on the phone or just otherwise asking me with their eyes to leave.  I dressed professionally, asked them about their business, looked over their wares and even put my hand out to meet them.  For many, this was a total shock...
Tell me, how can you be in business and look like the grim reaper yet still want people's money?  Gone are the days when we would see old man Mr. Gino sweeping in front of his vegetable stand; gone are the days when Aunt Flora would spray her flowers in the shop and meet you at the door with a hearty "HELLO insert your name here"; and what's more gone are the days when store owners taught those in the neighborhood how to run a successful business.
In our next part in this series I want to go deeper into what we're seeing because it will shock some while others won't hardly be amazed at the disparity in the American business.

Write your comments or questions and we'll see you next time.......

Monday, July 11, 2011


When we decided to dedicate a blog to the everyday person in search of their own way to wealth, we knew that it would be well worth it and even more so because the world of business as we know it is CHANGING!
This is the greatest time to learn, implement, research and add value to your business as each day progresses.

Right now, as we speak, whole economies are changing and there is money being made as well as connections that would have seemed virtually impossible just five years ago.  However, during this "correction" it is the time now to get in on opening and managing your business.

So, utilize this page as a resource and definitely post your comments!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In The Immortal Words of GRANDMA...

In the immortal words of my grandmother, Mrs. Eleanor Alston, who taught me almost everything I know today about business, "YOU CHANGE JOBS TOO OFTEN, YOU NEED TO GO INTO BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF!" These were her words to me when I was a mere 32 year old business vagabond in search of a way out of what was about my 10th job since graduating from college in 1991.

I treasured what she said at the time, but certainly not the manner in which she said it and it left an impression on my mind as to what I needed to do with my life.  You see, there are people in your life who will "go along' with you just to make you happy and there are those who will tell you where to go, what time to go and more often than not to do it quickly!  I thank her dearly for that advice and I share it with you.....THE READER.  MY INSIDER LEADER....

This blog was set up for all of us who know we "NEED" to go into business for ourselves, but for one reason or another we've abandoned the proposition through one negative thought or conversation after the other and are hoping that our jobs won't desert us when we need them the most.

This is for all of you who need or want that "EXTRA PUSH" to "do something for yourself or suffer the consequences" of not doing so long after the lights have gone out at your job and the company has moved somewhere else.  Let's face it, each of us are definitely capable of running a business because we run our lives, our families, our departments or maybe some other entity.  However, when it comes to saying that we should be in business for ourselves, then we run away from the idea too often or we figure a way to just deal with the bitterness of being underpaid, overworked, unappreciated and most of all OVERLOOKED!

When you were asked the all too important question as a child, "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?" Did you answer, "I want to be working for people that hate me, making money I can't even see at the end of the week, spend time at a place that disgusts me, and oh yeah....have a boss who's laughing all the way to the bank because I know more than him/her, but I like being PAID PEANUTS!" Okay, well maybe that was a little extreme for a 5 year old to answer, but guess what!? At least the 5 year old you had an answer that made them happy to give to the person who asked.

All in all it's time to get INSPIRED America! And our friends around the world.  This global economic crisis will either make or break us and it's time to draw the line in the sand.....