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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

MONEY LAWS To Live By...

I've heard people make alot of fuss about Money.  How we should "spend it", how we should "save it", how to ensure that we have enough of it, but yet and still there are a vast number of people whom this information escapes all together yet they somehow manage to make their lives work regardless as to the quotes listed above.

Roughly four years ago I began my MONEY JOURNEY with a little company that I will not say at this time, but they began to host daily live calls about MONEY and it is then that I realized I didn't know enough about HOW TO LIVE BY A LAW OF HOW MONEY WORKS.

Sure, I've been in the company of millionaires and have seen them at work doing what they do best which is MAKE MONEY and tons of it and I've even been taught by some.  However, I never knew their JOURNEY. What makes them attuned to the IDEA of SUCCESS on that JOURNEY.  Well, today I'm going to talk about the LAWS of MONEY to LIVE by.

With all of the poverty as well as extravagances in the world there are those of us somewhere in the middle.  Scuffling trying to make ends meet and yet knowing that there has to be a better way to live, breathe, think and act.  It's at that moment when we honestly know that we have to TAKE ACTION on the thoughts of poverty and regain our composure to think DAILY on ABUNDANCE!

You know, it's hard to think about ABUNDANCE when all around you are bills, problems, issues and people who are in the same position, but we owe it to ourselves to get serious about ABUNDANCE because it unlocks our minds to accepting the LAWS OF MONEY.  See, when you BELIEVE IN ABUNDANCE you take away the fears, disbeliefs and doubts about HOW TO LIVE A PROSPEROUS LIFE/LIFESTYLE.  When you BELIEVE IN ABUNDANCE you ATTRACT more of it and it becomes a part of you.  You are not held down in life shackled to POVERTY and WANT because your MIND gets RELEASED which will then FREE up the greatest part of your daily activity----THINKING.

So, in order to release yourself this is an ACTION STEP: Take 10-20 minutes DAILY to relax and breathe into your consciousness everything about ABUNDANCE that you can.  It may be difficult at first as with anything, but 30 days is a good start.  It could be any time of the day, but make sure it's a time of day that you can consistently follow over the course of the 30 days and you will begin to notice the INTERNAL CHANGE that will take place.  You will begin to FEEL THE FREEDOM coming into your consciousness and that's when those LAWS will begin to OPEN UP TO YOU.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015


There are countless stories of people who have made something happen in their lives when seemingly they had NOTHING!

They went from 0-100 in what seemed like less than 50 years of their lives, but I want to focus on another group of hardworking people who are talked about everyday but who are more often than not spoken of negatively.  That group, Ladies & Gentlemen are those of us who think #LACK #POVERTY #WANT etc...The last to get HIRED, the 1st to get FIRED and the ones left behind when the MONEY GAME goes into full effect!

This group, by far has the MOST POTENTIAL but the least ACCOLADES when it comes to rising above the poverty line and into the pool of PROMISE! 

"Why am I having this conversation", you might ask? For the simple fact that too many of us adults have lost our way in this cycle that pits workers against one another; turns professionals into vicious go-getters at the expense of good workers; and most of all those whose whole lives are at bay because they don't know where their next meal will come from if they don't work for someone else.

A few nights ago, I was on a call where my mentor began to speak DIRECTLY TO ME in front of countless others! He went on about how I had to get my mind back into what we're building because there are people yearning to follow an example such as what he shows us 3 nights a week! How I was holding them up from GETTING IN THE MONEY GAME because I'm not saying what needs to be said to them to get them going on their own path towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Here I was thinking, "DAMN!" He got me!  Normally, I would come up with a few excuses, questions or just hold on to angry silence until the call was over and then call him ready to start an argument! But! But! But! I had to concede because what he said was RIGHT!

You see, when you're the only stand that gives away water in a desert, you are sure to be the one whom people will come to in order to quench their thirst.  However, if you have a stand that sells both water & sand in the middle of a desert, but you offer them more sand rather than the water, then you are sure that no one, and I mean no one is looking for fact, they may even try and snuff you out when you're not looking because you are holding something up in front of them that is detrimental to their survival.  You are reminding them that you are not interested in their survival or comfort and that you're only there to SELL SOMETHING THEY DON'T NEED OR WANT!

Now, how about you?  Do you have a business that people legitimately need or want, but you are offering what is standing in the way of their success thinking that they want the very thing that you're thinking they want instead of asking them what they need?  Are you the kind of Marketer that relies on the latest technology or campaign from headquarters to help you open your mouth and talk to people? Or are you the kind of person who truthfully has something that people who need what you have could honestly benefit from if you'd just let them know you have it.

See, we have a lot within our communities especially in the U.S. that is a great benefit to others, but if we don't speak in a language that will draw them to us, then we're doomed before we even get started.  The cycle of poverty doesn't know a color, ethnicity, religion or race and what's even more profound, it doesn't know who not to involve in its cycle.  However, there are many who are caught up in it.  So, for those of us who legitimately have something to offer the masses to pull them from poverty line to the promise land would you....


More to come.....

Friday, May 22, 2015

FREE Radio Advertising

Networking in business has ALWAYS been about the success of everyone.  Although success has escaped many, we want to partner with you to show that all is not loss.

It was 1988 and radio was my new way of life.  Every chance I got to get in the studio and play music as well as talk to the Worcester, MA audience it was like standing on a mountaintop with thousands hearing me.  It was a thrill that I never forgot and always cherished.  By 1991 when it was time for me to leave college I was never the same because of that experience.

It would be 8 years before I would grace the studios of WCUW-fm and I knew that radio was in my blood, but what I didn't know was how to help others with the gift of delivering messages to the masses.

Sure, I was no stranger to Tele-Evangelists and radio personalities sounding off about one issue or another, but I never remember too many shows that focused on helping the out of work, underpaid and those who were looking to get in business and didn't know how audience.  I was angry and frustrated because there were many people who came through the studio to talk about one issue or another in business, but how could we all work together to make each other successful?

Then a dear brother of mine appealed to me in 2009 to take my talent ONLINE and that is when we developed a small show which eventually blossomed into a segment in early 2013 as "The AGENDA".  That's when we finally had the way--the success formula to help people like us who are in business and need the kind of access with true professionals to take what we do to the next level.

Twenty-five years in the making and we're not stopping!

So, if you want to partner with us for FREE RADIO ADVERTISING....GO ON and REACH OUT TO US!



P.S. We want to partner with you! This connection will give us access to reach out to you and speak further....


Ok, so the title is a bit of a laugh because I haven't written on this blog for nearly a year and NOW I am taking my own advice to HEART and TAKING MASSIVE ACTION! LOL!

When I began this blog some time ago, it was to connect to people who are out there looking for home based business tools that are either FREE or LOW COST, but I was also looking for genuine business minded people of any industry to interview on our ON-DEMAND radio show.  By far, it has certainly been a whirlwind of thoughts, ideas, people and tools that I've researched (smile I'm still at it) and have really come to understand that there are ALWAYS going to be tools out there.  Whether we want to admit it or not, building businesses are not new.  Building businesses though that last our lifetime and that create legacies is which is what I want us to focus on in this next series....

Oh, by the way, have you seen the internet commercials?? Residually Speaking... This was just one of those times when I needed to get the word out and was just trying a new tool to see how the public would react.  Oohhhhh's and Ahhhhhhhh's  is what I received, but then there were the ones who were really paying attention to it asking, "how can I make that kind of commercial too?" That was the Ah Ha moment for me!  That's when I put my shoulders to the grind and really began searching for many of the tools you'll see listed....

Making that commitment to YOU, the READER was by far the biggest MENTAL TOOL of ALL! Now, I have my Social Media on lock, but to honestly say that I keep the blogs up to date I guess I'd have to hang my head low because that's my not so good area.  Well, I'll say though, this re-newed sense of commitment to YOU means that I'd definitely love to help you BUILD up the CONSISTENT COMMUNICATION between us so that I know where I might be of help!

So, here take my number and of course my social media links and connect! I'm just a button away....

Twitter: @IndieTalkJapan
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why More Home Based Business Are Turning to ONLINE RADIO To Take Their Businesses To The NEXT LEVEL

When the business you're in NEEDS to be introduced to the rest of the world we found one of the most economical ways to do that!

Did you know that ONLINE RADIO is one of the fastest growing mediums of communications from Corporate to Home Based Businesses?  Did you know that more Marketing Strategists are turning to ONLINE RADIO PERSONALITIES to move their respective companies forward? And how about the fact that because SOCIAL MEDIA is on the rise we have now made heads turn, wallets open and have leveled the playing field in BUSINESS.

I want to take just a lines to let you know WHY this is happening.  It's been years since anything this revolutionary has happened for Home Based Businesses. The norm was to get a list of friends, family and associates to buy into what you were doing.  To make phone calls, buy mailing lists and basically to use every inch of your being to get to the "green apples' among your peers that now most people who've tried to market their businesses are exhausted! In comes ONLINE RADIO to the rescue!

I want you to take a listen at the link below of how some businesses are taking the challenge and making ONLINE RADIO work for them

When Your Business Has To MAKE MOVES!

Ok, so now that you've taken a about accepting the challenge to do the same yourself?

To get an opportunity to build your business for FREE using our ONLINE RADIO SHOW, give us a call!

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Systems of Success ALWAYS Creates Millionaires

Hello there as we're nearing the end of year.  It has been a stellar one to say the least and we're gearing up for 2016 as we speak!

So, I just dropped in to say a few words about SYSTEMS.  In business, any business doing 100% of the work while only gaining 1% of the return is just not the best feeling or outlook.  However doing 1% of the work while gaining 100% profit IS THE NAME OF THE GAME.

If you've been struggling online thinking "how am I going to get leads?" "How am I going to make money while I build my business?" And the all too familiar saying, "How much is it going to cost in order for me to see a profit?" by far has to be the question I receive more than any other.

The key to success is to RESEARCH the companies, compensation plans and potential profit you want to make with your new venture.  The most important aspect is to find out WHAT TYPE OF DUPLICATABLE SYSTEM is in place for you to learn, market, promote and repeat for SUCCESS.

I want to invite you to see some of the best that I've seen out there so far and would love your feedback....

Bye for now and SEE YOU AT THE TOP!


You Don't Have To Struggle ANYMORE

How To Earn While You Learn!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We're Making Moves & With Us.....SO WILL YOU!

In any industry you're in you have to make news or bring good news to those in your circle of influence.  More often than not we're being tested daily by larger media outlets in search of the latest stories that are getting to the audience we're set influence.  In the interest of all careers WE'RE MAKING THE MOVES that keep the independent industry RELEVANT!
By working around the clock; creating & keeping solid relationships & offering some of the best media solutions at affordable rates IT'S BEING DONE!
We're even making it our business to involve the business world in our plan.
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