Thursday, April 27, 2017

Education Never Stops

When the opportunity arose for me to open a business I thought of every dollar that I'd SPEND! I thought of all the many lives I'd touch and the cities, countries and great states I'd touch ground in and just CHANGE THE WORLD! Little did I know there is this one thing called, PREPARATION.

See, for many of us, going to school, getting a job, saving a few dollars, eventually come up with a great idea for a business and then getting a loan to open that business is a noble path.  However, how many of us actually get on that path and continue the process?  We're so unprepared in this system of education that it takes a hefty heart, a willing mind and some really keen focusing along with a tight network to really get us going.  Now, I propose that we take the best road forward despite all the obstacles.

A NEW EDUCATION is needed because there are so many pitfalls that often happen not only outside of ourselves, but also from within.  With all the systems, networks, businesses and platforms are numerous, but just how to use them often is where people get stuck and eventually quit.  But, what if we understood how this all works.  Yes, the money would be great to have, but without the map on how to access the wealth we are no closer to it than the dream of having it.

I propose that there is a different kind of EDUCATION that's needed.  One that takes the blind person who wants to start a business to a definitive road map that brings the success closer and closer to themselves that gives the light they desperately need.  There's no such thing as MAKING AMERICA GREAT without helping those who are the true backbone and foundation of this nation becoming secure. FINANCIALLY SECURE.  Make no mistake, we are living in the most dangerous and greatest times in the history of America and the world.  We have the awesome responsibility to either lead or follow, but most of all we have the door that is open for opportunity.  Therefore, what we do today WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE FOR YEARS TO COME!

We're making the change through education....THE RIGHT KIND OF EDUCATION vs falling to the naysayers who accept that things will change eventually without our input.  LET'S BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

When Will It All Make Sense? Your Finances & You In The Advent of A "NEW AMERICA"

*Student loans

When is the last time you took inventory of your money? When was the last time you questioned a financial professional who has an interest in your money how your account with them is doing? How often do you check your statements and literally understand what it reflects?

These are just some of the questions we often cover with people when they come to us about their financial needs.  There are many who already have an Advisor, but how many of those who have an Advisor are actually going to them with questions rather than just advice?  In fact, how will a person know what questions to ask if they honestly don't know what questions to ask?

We often will know what bills are due and the fact that we have to make many everyday financial decisions, but do we honestly believe that we are aware enough about our financial lives to control our financial destiny?  These and many other questions are what we look to tackle with every student who sits down with us who WANT TO TAKE CONTROL!  At this late stage in the financial game when our pensions, salaries, tax structures and overall financial lives have been under attack that we cannot waste anymore time trying to figure things out.  We have to include Financial Educators and Coaches to our Money Teams.  People who have the right tools, resources, energy, outlook and most of all HEART to help us cut through the bull and get to the winning side of a seemingly unsolvable problem.  People, people, we have answers, but for many, the answers seem like more work than the lesson is worth learning.  But ask yourself this question: If I Had A Proven Path To Follow That Would Get Me To My Overall Financial Goal/s, Would I Take A Look?

This is an age in which we have to look at our money problems from every angle with the meticulous eye of one who's going to take enough directed action to solve those problems.  Let's face it, alot of companies we either worked for in the past or that we currently work for can no longer afford to offer you options, it's now up to us to make our own decisions.  There was a time when you looked at both your salary and benefits package as a reason to take a position, but as time has moved forward we're being curtailed in gaining in both areas.  See? The problem is not the company, the problem is us giving them the control they no longer have shown they can handle.

Your job NO LONGER has the accountability, responsibility or acceptance enough to help you map out financial solutions to your everyday or retirement needs. Think about how they empowered financial companies that risked your 401k or other investment accounts.  Then we found out during the great financial crisis of 2007-2008 that many of our investment portfolios had been compromised and depleted by 40%-60%! Now, can any of us afford to let that happen again if in fact we're all getting older & the workforce is shrinking to a point where many of us reading this will not even have Social Security as a fall back to support us during retirement?

With the stroke of a pen the President of the United States of America Donald J Trump has changed and is changing life as we know it. Whether you like his politics or not UNDERSTAND that we all have to pay attention to what is happening and how his decisions could be the fatal financial decisions to affect more than 70% of the country for decades to come.  This is just a small step of things to come.  WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE THE DECISIONS we once thought were only to be made in voting booths or with those who could direct our financial lives for a few generations.

Ok, so now that we've received a wake up call in this post. IT'S TIME TO TAKE SOME ACTION! This is not a time to be afraid to look at your financial life in the face and meet it with open arms because you know you're going to WIN!  With that being said here is my personal phone number to get us started in the RIGHT DIRECTION: 201-503-5339'

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Why You Owe It To Yourself To Retire The Debt You Thought You'd Never Get Over

Recently I was asked by a dear friend to help them come up with a strategy to get out of debt and to start saving to buy a new house.  My first answer was, "well, sure!" Then my heart sank to my feet because I was then thinking exactly what resources could I share with her that'd make her know that her troubles would some day be over, but that she'd have to work just as hard on following her plan as she did making the mistakes that led to her debt.

I really wanted to help her first clear her mind of the "I CAN'T DO IT" syndrome or the "OH NO, I HAVE TO SACRIFICE THAT?" question in order to achieve her result of getting out of the seemingly crazy debt.  Well, it wasn't too far for me to reach out and begin processing exactly what I wanted to reveal to her and that's when it hit me.

When people who are in what they believe MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DEBT come forward to get help it's not just the help getting out that many need, but also how to boost their income so that they can work faster through the process of becoming debt free.  It takes a lot of courage to come up with a plan to become debt free and in order to make strides in accomplishing that financial success we also have to implement some financial strategies to into being.

There are countless debt solutions companies that are helping people obtain the freedom from debt that they need, but how many of them also will let you gain a referral fee for bringing others like you to them?  That's exactly what I'd like to encourage each of us to do as we're increasing our streams of personal revenue.

About three years ago I was approached by a mentor to join his company.  At the time, he was in search of Real Estate networking teams to help bring people out of foreclosure and into saving their home.  That, I can say, started me on a journey of honestly looking at who I do business with because I want to know that they want to do business with me too.

If you can locate programs, services, projects, etc that you do business with that will also buy from you, then you've definitely got a win-win situation.  The days of exchanging goods and services that others need in order to circulate money in the economy while building a customer base is becoming the norm. As more and more people search for ways to increase their income, they'll come looking for people like me because I'll have a network to tap into where they won't have to spend tons of money to be a part of while they can in turn profit in big ways.

Monday, December 28, 2015


Just thinking about being in debt for many people sends them into some type of sickness.  However, there are people everywhere making it their business to change how they deal with it to get over it and start moving on with LIFE!

STORY: It was 2006 and I needed a new car.  No credit cards, no extra cash, no one to borrow from and certainly in need of a car to do business as well as to get to work.  What was I going to do? A good friend took me to an Auto Mall and therein begins my first understanding of just how past debts unresolved can affect you over the length of your life in "credit world".  You see, many of us are in debt long before we know what debt really means and we work ourselves into a frenzy to get out of it, but many of us are saddled with it year after year.

Okay, so here I am….I've looked at the car that I want, but now is the moment of truth, "how much car can I afford?" or better yet, "how much interest am I going to have to pay for having such terrible credit?"  The second question is the one that is the all too important one.  With $500 in hand and a great  need, so went my next journey into a SIX YEAR relationship with CHASE BANK.  An otherwise affordable purchase ended up being one of the most expensive purchases to date.  The finance charges took me $10,000 deeper into debt and although I was able to pay that car loan off, it took a toll on my pockets.  So, I want to get at the heart of the matter for countless people who may be saying that they just don't have an answer to the debt they are in.

Here's what I was in search of:  After going through years of debt producing activities and having to live life too I was looking for answers or at least one specific answer.  It wasn't until I began to be honest with myself that this could be solved without me feeling that I was less than the people calling me for their money that I got serious.  I kept working at finding an answer.  I kept talking it up and praying about it, but more importantly I did not stop SEARCHING.

Well, in 2015 I received an answer that changed my life and one that I could share with others.  I began to learn about how networking with others to solve their debt could also open up an extra source of income too.  How could this be?  How could I help myself and others overcome something that completely marks my life in a negative way while at the same time keep my head up through the storm. As fate would have it a blessing opened up and now it has become a way to help YOU, the hardworking, average, everyday person who cannot seem to make ends meet or who is trying to get out of the debts that keep weighing you down.  This is our TIME to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN FOR OURSELVES! Here is a serious plan with serious people who are making strides to REMOVE DEBT as a way of life so that you can go on accomplishing the dreams and desires you have.

Lastly, WE'RE HERE TO HELP! Don't suffer in silence when you can get an answer.  1) We look at you as an individual! 2) We are in this TOGETHER 3) We offer a FREE application process 4) We take care of the most essential part of getting you help which is a FREE assessment before you make a decision.  So, what are you waiting for? Other than to call our information line to at least hear how we look to help you: 641-715-3900 ext 835609 and just check it out for yourself…..Then let us know if we can be of assistance: 201-503-5339

Thursday, December 17, 2015

2015! The Year of The New Business Explosion!

2015 is definitely a year worth remembering especially for those of us in the business world.  Independently speaking, new businesses popped up for Middle to Low Income families with the increase of Social Media and more Work From Home Programs.   Now, more than ever we're finding ways to make money aside from a traditional 9 to 5 setting and becoming increasingly more competent, confident as well as prosperous because we're understanding with independence comes FREEDOM!

More "middle income earners" are staking their claim to the millions made in being in their own businesses and as such we decided it was time to help re-direct our thinking as independent business owners to begin carving out how we're going to stay afloat; survive against the odds and more importantly GROW our businesses.

First off, gone are the days of having to spend thousands or millions of dollars to go into business and then struggling alone to make ends meet until you reach some sort of profit.  The prevailing thought these days are to spend less getting into business coupled with a lot of support, but more importantly network with others to share the responsibilities associated with growth so that we can be successful.  There are businesses with start-up capital as little as $25 and who provide training online to give you maximum help so not only the individual can succeed, but also the network that they create!  This has sot truly be the most revolutionary time to be in business.

We'd love to feature your new business on our blog! So, if your business start-up was started for $100 or less we're here to let others know about you!

Email Us:

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

MONEY LAWS To Live By...

I've heard people make alot of fuss about Money.  How we should "spend it", how we should "save it", how to ensure that we have enough of it, but yet and still there are a vast number of people whom this information escapes all together yet they somehow manage to make their lives work regardless as to the quotes listed above.

Roughly four years ago I began my MONEY JOURNEY with a little company that I will not say at this time, but they began to host daily live calls about MONEY and it is then that I realized I didn't know enough about HOW TO LIVE BY A LAW OF HOW MONEY WORKS.

Sure, I've been in the company of millionaires and have seen them at work doing what they do best which is MAKE MONEY and tons of it and I've even been taught by some.  However, I never knew their JOURNEY. What makes them attuned to the IDEA of SUCCESS on that JOURNEY.  Well, today I'm going to talk about the LAWS of MONEY to LIVE by.

With all of the poverty as well as extravagances in the world there are those of us somewhere in the middle.  Scuffling trying to make ends meet and yet knowing that there has to be a better way to live, breathe, think and act.  It's at that moment when we honestly know that we have to TAKE ACTION on the thoughts of poverty and regain our composure to think DAILY on ABUNDANCE!

You know, it's hard to think about ABUNDANCE when all around you are bills, problems, issues and people who are in the same position, but we owe it to ourselves to get serious about ABUNDANCE because it unlocks our minds to accepting the LAWS OF MONEY.  See, when you BELIEVE IN ABUNDANCE you take away the fears, disbeliefs and doubts about HOW TO LIVE A PROSPEROUS LIFE/LIFESTYLE.  When you BELIEVE IN ABUNDANCE you ATTRACT more of it and it becomes a part of you.  You are not held down in life shackled to POVERTY and WANT because your MIND gets RELEASED which will then FREE up the greatest part of your daily activity----THINKING.

So, in order to release yourself this is an ACTION STEP: Take 10-20 minutes DAILY to relax and breathe into your consciousness everything about ABUNDANCE that you can.  It may be difficult at first as with anything, but 30 days is a good start.  It could be any time of the day, but make sure it's a time of day that you can consistently follow over the course of the 30 days and you will begin to notice the INTERNAL CHANGE that will take place.  You will begin to FEEL THE FREEDOM coming into your consciousness and that's when those LAWS will begin to OPEN UP TO YOU.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015


There are countless stories of people who have made something happen in their lives when seemingly they had NOTHING!

They went from 0-100 in what seemed like less than 50 years of their lives, but I want to focus on another group of hardworking people who are talked about everyday but who are more often than not spoken of negatively.  That group, Ladies & Gentlemen are those of us who think #LACK #POVERTY #WANT etc...The last to get HIRED, the 1st to get FIRED and the ones left behind when the MONEY GAME goes into full effect!

This group, by far has the MOST POTENTIAL but the least ACCOLADES when it comes to rising above the poverty line and into the pool of PROMISE! 

"Why am I having this conversation", you might ask? For the simple fact that too many of us adults have lost our way in this cycle that pits workers against one another; turns professionals into vicious go-getters at the expense of good workers; and most of all those whose whole lives are at bay because they don't know where their next meal will come from if they don't work for someone else.

A few nights ago, I was on a call where my mentor began to speak DIRECTLY TO ME in front of countless others! He went on about how I had to get my mind back into what we're building because there are people yearning to follow an example such as what he shows us 3 nights a week! How I was holding them up from GETTING IN THE MONEY GAME because I'm not saying what needs to be said to them to get them going on their own path towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Here I was thinking, "DAMN!" He got me!  Normally, I would come up with a few excuses, questions or just hold on to angry silence until the call was over and then call him ready to start an argument! But! But! But! I had to concede because what he said was RIGHT!

You see, when you're the only stand that gives away water in a desert, you are sure to be the one whom people will come to in order to quench their thirst.  However, if you have a stand that sells both water & sand in the middle of a desert, but you offer them more sand rather than the water, then you are sure that no one, and I mean no one is looking for fact, they may even try and snuff you out when you're not looking because you are holding something up in front of them that is detrimental to their survival.  You are reminding them that you are not interested in their survival or comfort and that you're only there to SELL SOMETHING THEY DON'T NEED OR WANT!

Now, how about you?  Do you have a business that people legitimately need or want, but you are offering what is standing in the way of their success thinking that they want the very thing that you're thinking they want instead of asking them what they need?  Are you the kind of Marketer that relies on the latest technology or campaign from headquarters to help you open your mouth and talk to people? Or are you the kind of person who truthfully has something that people who need what you have could honestly benefit from if you'd just let them know you have it.

See, we have a lot within our communities especially in the U.S. that is a great benefit to others, but if we don't speak in a language that will draw them to us, then we're doomed before we even get started.  The cycle of poverty doesn't know a color, ethnicity, religion or race and what's even more profound, it doesn't know who not to involve in its cycle.  However, there are many who are caught up in it.  So, for those of us who legitimately have something to offer the masses to pull them from poverty line to the promise land would you....


More to come.....